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Super Terrazzo, Uganda'S Biggest Distributor

The Largest Manufacturer, Distributor and Supplier of Terrazzo, Granite, Marble, Ceiling, T Grids, Gypsum & Plaster Boards in Kampala, Uganda and East Africa

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Beautiful floors are a treat to the eyes and a sight to behold. Aren’t they? Walking on them just makes you feel so light and special. Like you are so high above the ground while still on it. To make your experience even more rich and soothing we introduce you to the Italian marble TERRAZZO. Perfected in the northeastern Italian region of Friuli, Terrazzo offers strength, malleability and a magnificent view at the same time. Having lived through centuries Terrazzo carries the essence of the old art while smartly keeping up with the new one. Terrazzo compliments the ceilings as perfectly it does the floors. Be it intricate or simple terrazzo aces all of it.

Trusted Partner for Over 20 years

A warm hello from SUPER TERRAZZO. We as Terrazzo and marble Supply Company give you the best terrazzo experience and show you how splendid your architecture can be with a simple touch of our gem –terrazzo. As the Uganda’s’ trusted largest manufacturer, distributor and Supplier of Terrazzo, Granite, Marble, all types of Ceiling, T Grids, Gypsum & Plaster Boards. We have an extensive supply of quality products. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of professionalism and technical knowledge. With over 20 years of experience, our clients can approach every project with confidence.